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The origin of Sunday worship

Most of the Egyptian main gods were depicted with a sun disc or solar disc on the top of their heads, which represented the supreme sun god .

Sunday was a day that was given and named in the honour of the sun god, (the day that was set apart for satan and his purpose on the earth)

the worship of the sun god became famous and well established during the ancient Egypt,

but the origin of this pagan worship springs from the man called Nimrod, who was in charge of the building of the tower of Babel.

During the time when the ancient Egypt was on its highest pitch of influence over the entire world,

the pagan sun god was scripturally reverenced in the Egyptians writings and hieroglyphics designs.

The pagan sun god was worshiped as the god of courage, energy and fertility

and because of this systematic life style that was spiritually designed and enforced upon the people,

the solar system, being the behaviour of the planets, or the orbiting of the other planets around the sun,

became the centre or the heart of the astrological structure that the ancient sorcerers, diviners, witches, sooth Sayers, magician used,

Hieroglyph inscription that were designed in the tombs (pyramids) of the pharaohs had the sun god symbol,

and the golden calf that the children of Israel made in the wilderness also had a sun god disc on the top of it's head.

so that they may be able to predict their evil events against their victims.

During the time of the Roman empire king Julius Caesar transformed this Egyptian way of doing things into a lunar calendar called;

In most of the catholic cathedrals, the pictures of Jesus and Mary are also depicted with a round sun disc around their heads, symbolizing the supreme sun god

The Julian calendar in the year 46 BC (before Christ), which had the worship of the Egyptian sun god on a Sunday,

and in the year 325 AD the Roman empire made a law that commanded and forced the Christian movement to change their day of worship from the 7th day

(which falls on a Saturday on the Gregorian calendar) and move it to a Sunday (the day dedicated to the sun god).

In the year of 1582, Pope Gregory XIII of Rome, did some slight changes on this calendar, and he renamed it, and changed its name to the Gregorian calendar.

Today most of the biggest part of the world (Europe, Africa, America etc), uses the Gregorian Roman calendar as the astrological system which predicts their time and seasons.

Daniel 7:25 says: He shall speak pompous words against the Most High, Shall persecute the saints of the Most High,

And shall intend to change times (seasons and calendar) and law (God's commandments).

In in Ezekiel 8:16 this worship of the sun god had infiltrated into God's temple.

By Apostle Ngabo






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