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Breaking out of your limitations (world calendar, system).

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New moon falls in the evening of the last day (29th or 30th) in every Hebrew month and full Moon in the evening on the 14th day in every Hebrew month.

Breaking out of your limitations (world calendar, system).

The very first commandment that the children of Israel were commanded to keep before they started to come out of Egypt,

was to reject the selfish worship of the sun god, (living according to the Gregorian calendar that was designed in the honour of the sun god),

and they were commanded by Moses from God to begin to embrace the selfless behaviour of the moon towards the earth,

In other words they had to change their calendar from the solar calendar (world calendar) to the Lunar calendar (God's seasons and times that are designed according to the behaviour of the moon's light towards the Earth,

Psalm 104:19 says that God appointed the moon for seasons: The Hebrew month on the Lunar calendar has 29 or 30 days, because it takes the moon29 to 30 days to complete a full circle around the Earth.

Exodus 12:2-3 says; This month of Nissan when I delivered you from Egypt (Passover season) shall be the beginning of your Months, it shall be the first Month of the year to you………

Did you know that in the season (tides) of new moon and full moon, we have the high seasons on Earth called “springan” meaning spring?

The word spring meaning; to bulge, to increase, to cause to move, to bring about the escape from prison, to become loose, to release from bondage, to Exodus or to develop.

In this same seasons of new moon and full moon the waters on Earth (Oceans, Rivers, Lake etc…) increases, this also being the same seasons when minerals like the stones where we get silver, onyx, Topaz, Diamonds, and even Gold increases and bulges in amount in the Earth.

Do not forget that also oil and petroleum in the ground used for cars increases in amount during these seasons of full moon and new moon.

Fish in water bite any thing they smell or see during the seasons of new moon and full moon, Jesus our Lord say; Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men (Matthew 4:19).

When the moon was full on the 14 th of Nissan in Exodus 12:1-25 God brought Israel out of Egypt.

On the 14 th of Nissan (full moon, Passover season) according to the Hebrew calendar, Jesus our Lord died on the cross and also resurrected from the dead, so that He may cleanse the entire world from it's sins (Luke 22:15-21).


By: The house of the prophets.