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The heat of the sun will expose who you really are.

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The heat of the sun will expose who you really are.

In the Hebrew month called Tammuz, the sun reaches its highest heat (being the season when the sun reaches its hottest point, falling in the month of June or July according to the Gregorian calendar).

Tammuz is a month of heat (meaning hot).

Heat has the ability to reveal the hidden nature of a thing.

For example; if someone eats bad food or drinks alcohol (strong drinks) during the season of Tammuz (heat, summer) being the month of June or July,

all the things that makes up his body proteins, nutrients, and the chemicals that makes up the nature of his blood will begin to come to the surface of his character.

This person will either become more immoral (acting evil) during this season of heat, or this season of heat can also bring out the good moral behaviors that makes up the hidden nature of his character.

The heat of the sun reveals the hidden nature of a person or a thing.

Heat has the ability to reveal the hidden image of a person.

Through heat; every element in the form of chemicals (foods or drinks), pictures, sound waves, frequencies, spoken words which makes up the intellect or knowledge of somebody,

The foods that builds up his or her physical nature will begin to manifest into physical habits or outer behavior.

During this month of Tammuz (around June or July) the children of Israel made a golden calf and worshiped this calf.

The scripture declares in Exodus 32:1-9 that; they sacrificed to this idol, ate things sacrificed to this small god, committed sexual immorality and they also joined themselves to the evil spirits from the satanic realm.

Now my question is; How come that these same people (children of Israel) that had seen the great miracles of God, and experienced His glory; could all over sudden turn around and do such an evil thing of worshiping an idol?

You see my friend; there is an evil nature in within every human being (which is inherited from the fallen nature of Adam), its desire always draws men into doing the will of this evil incarnation.

When God brought the children of Israel out of Egypt, their evil incarnation was still concealed in within the things they heard, ate, spoke, and the things they physically put their physical energies into when they were still in Egypt.

Because all these things had become part of their blood. The word blood derives from the word called Adam in Hebrew.

When they came to the fourth month of Tammuz (summer time), the month of heat, the heat that was coming from the sun began to expose the nature of their blood. The character of their blood began to display its nature in physical actions because of the heat.

Just think about it for a minute; how come that in this season (June and July) people flirt a lot,(their dressing code exposes their hidden desires of lust,) some begin new relationships with new boy friends and new girl friends.

This is also the season when people are willing to try out new experiences that will bring excitement into their lives etc...

The month called Tammuz relates to heat, through heat the hidden nature of a thing is revealed or brought to surface, but also through heat things are transformed or changed.

Tammuz (June or July, summer time) is a season when we need to be true to ourselves by looking at the weaker points (bad habits, or immoral behaviors in our lives),

and begin to replace them with godly habits (God's commandments, and teachings,) that has the ability to inspire our behaviors into doing the things that will please God.


By: Apostle A. Ngabo