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A season of false accusations and animosity attacks.

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A season of false accusations and animosity attacks.

The fourth month called Tammuz on the Hebrew calendar (which falls in the month of June or July, summer time) is a month of spiritual warfare.

In this month Israel was attacked a lot by serpents (biting snakes) which caused sicknesses that led to physical and spiritual disabilities.

The spirit of the Lord said unto us prophetically; that this month called Tammuz is a month when spiritual war fares of false accusations, dreams of sexual images,

temptations of different kinds, sicknesses which derives from ancestral lineages of people's history,

diseases that are spread through environment, sexual transmitted diseases, casting of spells that aims at people's brain (causing metal illness, schizophrenia, paronoia, and severe headache pains).

Evil dreams; where people see them themselves being accused, raped, for doing things that breaks God's commandments, etc... Such evil events against people's lives will increases during this season (summer time).

And through this prophecy the Lord commanded me to tell His people to be more faithful towards their spiritual relationship with the Lord.

This is the season when we need to be more accurate and faithful in our tithing's, and offerings that we give into God's work, in our reading and hearing of God's word, and in our praying, fasting and seeking of God's face.

I find it very interesting and educating to know that Michael Jackson, a man who was abused, false accused, controlled by those who ruled over him also died in this month of (Tammuz, summer time).

The month of Tammuz (June or July, summer time) is a season of spiritual warfare, where you need to stand your ground so that you may rise up above the evil world system.

Read out loud psalm 91:1-16 in your prayer time, and do it through the entire season of summer time. Remember that even those you know may gossip, bring accusations, some will even do witchcraft against your life during this season, but stay focused, do not let them steal your peace and ability to walk in the spirit of forgiveness.




By: Apostle A. Ngabo