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Seasonal changes have influence over your behaviour...

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Seasonal changes have influence over your behavior.

Seasonal changes have influence over human behavior.
Did you know that the four seasonal changes also changes the environment that we live in, and the way we feel and behave?

The different seasonal changes makes the body hormones to go through biological changes.

Winter season changing to Spring time.

For example; when the season of winter time is shifting into the season of spring time, then the hormones (behaviors and metabolism of the body),

and even the body cells in the human body will begin to open up towards the new climate changes and energies of spring time.

That's why; during this season around the month of March, April and early May (spring time), the hormones of the people enter into a realm of friendliness (wanting to socialize with other people).

The season of spring time also brings forth the desire and courage of trying out new ideas, relationships, etc.

Spring time is also the season when the people in Europe, and America begins to entertain the desires of wanting to eat exotic foods, listening to exotic music, going to exotic parties etc.


During spring time; the flowers and start to come out from the ground, the birds start to sing and mate, the grass is starting to grow.

Spring time enables the hormones in the human body to be able to break from the restraints of it's own opinion, limitations and self control,

so that the body may begin to move towards the new experiences or dreams that motivates it's inner most desires.

In this season of spring time; people's hormones begins to become spiritually courageous, conceiving the desire of wanting to try out new things and also be able to move towards new ideas and adventures.

This season falls around the month of March, April and May.

During summer time, the trees and grass becomes more green and the weather gets hotter and the fruits start to ripen.


Spring changing to Summer.

During the season of spring as we shift into the season Summer (June, July and August).

This is when hormones in the human body develop into a strong desire of wanting to become intimate with the vision that dominates the behavior of one's environment or surroundings.

That's why; the behavior of changing sexual partners between boyfriends and girl friends, unfaithfulness, and the dressing code that exposes people's private body parts becomes popular in this season.

The desire of being sexual appealing, exotic, and sexually attractive is so common in this season, but also this season is known for introducing new ideas of intimacy in within marriage relationships.


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By: Apostle A. Ngabo