Babylon- Nimrod's system

Nimrod was the founder and a high priest of the Babylonian system.

His high priest title that he invented for himself was called pontiff, meaning a bridge maker between this life and the life to come.

He was a mighty hunter who hunted animals and human beings, Gen 10:9, and he also murdered those who rebelled against him,

in fact when God commanded Abraham in Gen 12:1 to come out of his country, family and father's house, to come out of the land of Ur of the Chaldeans as in Acts 7:2-4

he was commanding him to come out of Nimrod's wicked system called Babylon.

Nimrod was the very first black leader who ruled over the entire human race, being the very first man who came up with the strategy of war (he was the first man to wage war or mobilize people so that they may wage war against the ones he wanted to plunder, rob and control),

he was also the first one to come up with the concept of the global unit (united the people so that they may build the tower of babel).

In Genesis 11:1-9 he united all the races on the earth, and they began to build a tower of Babel under Nimrod's evil influence of a democratic movement that was supposed to overthrow God's purpose and will for man on the earth.

Babel or Babylon was also called the "beginning" of Nimrod 's kingdom as it is writen in (Genesis10:8-10).

At this point of history there was only one language that was spoken on the face of the whole earth, and this language was called Hebrew.

The word Babel means the gate way of the gods, the illumination and control of the mind through witchcraft, or the worship of many gods, but also this same word means confusion.

From this word Babel derives the word called Babylon.

Nimrod became the first evil dictator, being a man that was possessing the gifts of a sorcerer, a false prophet, a magician and an astrologer, (Nimrod had the ability to spiritually discern,

and interpret the meaning of the stars through his God given gifts, and also predict the future),

Choosing to use all his energies and abilities against His creator, he began to build a government system called Babylon which was spiritually given shape, designed, and established by his spiritual organized movement called the Chaldeans

(His priesthood was made up of twelve priests called the Cardinals, where Nimrod himself was

the high priest, and also this movement had a group of different prophets).

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The Chaldeans was a movement that engaged itself in spiritual rituals and evil religious activities so that it may shape the habits and characteristics of human beings on the earth into an immoral nature or culture that goes against God's will,

turning the minds or mindset of the people into a gate way that entertains, welcomes, and meditates on the on the ways of the ancient gods of Nimrod, Proverb 23:7 says; so as a man thinketh so he is

Chaldeans the evil movement of Nimrod

In this movement called the Chaldeans Nimrod had false prophets that wore black dark robes with hoods, and their purpose was to exalt Nimrod as the sun god in their prophecies, and they also predicted and prophesied that he would be the sun god to whom all honor will be given,

and his government called Babylon will turn into a GLOBAL UNITY that will destroy the seed of Shem (the lineage of Abraham from whence the Jewish messiah descended) and through this Global unity, he will rule over all the nations as their sun god.

Nimrod also had a priesthood which was made up of 12 priests, and these priests used to shave or make the top of their heads and the sides of their heads bald, in fact; that is why God commanded Israel not to cut or shave their heads in this form as in Leviticus 19:27 and Leviticus 21:5,

These priests never married because they were supposed to be totally committed to the service of Nimrod's priesthood, and whenever they wanted to fulfill their sexual desires and pleasures,

virgins were given unto them (a group of virgin girls called NUN) and each one of the priests could sleep with as many virgins as he wanted. This act of sexual immorality increased the abortion of unwanted babies.

The influence of Nimrod's customs over the Catholic monks

Many such gravesites for the aborted babies of these Nun/priest relationships were found in the underground tunnels between Convents and Monasteries in Spain and in Rome. 

By the 1936, the citizens of Spain were so outraged of this debauchery; they attacked and burnt many of the church buildings to the ground!

Nevertheless, forbidding to marry resulted in much HOMOSEXUALITY among priests and the public allowed this immorality to continue to keep the priests away from their wives and daughters, according to Woodrow. 

To this day, history attests that the priesthood has proven a drawing net to homosexuals. Passage of the aborted babies is quoted from Babylon Mystery Religion by Ralph Woodrow, page 116,117.

This movement called the Chaldeans was used in Nimrod's kingdom as a system that transmits his evil nature or behaviors into the people that he ruled over,

it specialized in the spiritual strategic evil schemes of human sacrifices and the aborting of babies from the women's wombs, idol worship, astrology, witchcraft, sexual immorality etc,

In Daniel 1:1-4 , Daniel 2:2 and Daniel 2:10, Nebuchadnezzar implemented the same system in his kingdom,

where he taught the literature of Nimrod (Chaldeans), and he also had a group of counselors made up of magicians, sorcerers, astrologers and sooth Sayers.

Through ancient history and the present time that we are living in, leaders (kings, politicians, presidents etc..)

still apply these evil methods of Nimrod so that they spiritually strengthen their evil government systems.

Nimrod was also the inventor of the building structure of the pyramids that is being used today as spiritual system of the new world order,

Nimrod also came up with the custom of eating pig (swine), because through witchcraft, pig meat is used as a transmission of spells and evil curses into people's bodies.

Isaiah 65:4 says that; the eating of pig (swine meat) is liken unto a brewing, or broth, the word broth means;

the mixture of poisonous chemicals into ones body, that influences him to do abominable things, things like; communicating to the dead spirits, committing sexual immorality, entertaining evil dreams, speaking evil etc

In Matthew 8:30-33...Jesus Christ uses the pigs as a dustbin of demons, the demons themselves requested to be expelled from a demon possessed man, so that they may enter into the herd of pigs (swine).

By Apostle A Ngabo




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