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Apostle, I need to understand what stocks are.

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Apostle I want to go into buying and selling stocks, but I need to first understand what stocks are.

People always confuse the stocks to be products or items, but the products and the stocks are two different things;

Let me give you an example;

The cow which has the ability to produce milk is a stock, and the milk which is produced by the cow is product, a human being who has a talent of being able to make and compose music is a stock,

and the music he or she produces is the product, a tree that produces fruit is a stock and the fruits which is produced by the tree is the product. Do you get the picture?

Biblical meaning of stocks;

In the bible stocks are referred to as live-stock (living stocks which contain the ability to produce products, give service and do work which can generate income, make money or bring in a profit for the investor or stock owner who owns them)

Exodus 9:4 says: and the Lord will make a difference between the livestock of Israel and the livestock of Egypt.

Electricity is a stock and the current or energy which is produced by it is the product, the Internet is a stock.

In the bible stocks were considered as living things (livestock), which gained their identity and purpose of their existence through the system which controlled and governed their being.

And these livestock also lived to serve, to do work or to produce products that will benefit the vision of their stock owners.

Stocks are talents or things that have the ability to produce or make money.

If a stock owner was evil, then his or her stocks were responsible to produce products, give service and do work which will support, promote, benefit and defend the evil system of their stock owner.

But if a stock owner was a God fearing person, then his stocks were responsible of producing energies, products, give service and support God's vision which governed the life of their stock owner.

So when you say you are going into buy and selling stocks, then that means that you are also planing on becoming an investor who is in charge of providing and supplying the products that the consumers need.

By: Apostle A. Ngabo.

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