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Economic crisis in America causing the spirit of pursuit after wealth.

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Posted October 07, 2009 by Apostle Ngabo

Economic crisis in America causing the spirit of pursuit after wealth.

America is going through a financial crisis that is driving the citizens and the government into a desperate state of trying out every method so that they may begin to accumulate wealth which will help their nation from drowning into this financial lack.

This threat that has made many American citizens Jobless, increased the spirit of poverty, and also brought to surface many money scandals in the government which have been hidden from the public.

The Lord spoke to me prophetically and said; America may try all the different methods of creating wealth, but they are all going to fail, because this economic crisis in America is My judgment to humble America so that I may equip it for My kingdom business and anointing that is going to be released over that nation beginning from year 2012.

And the Lord went on to say: Yes I know; America has been one of the leading nations in the area of investing their wealth in the poor, the needy and the less fortunate, but this time this crisis won't be manipulated into the realm of wealth because you take care of the poor,

this crisis has occurred because of the accumulated stench of evil that has corrupted the nation.

Many of the wealthy co operations in America will invest in giving to the poor because they know that it is written, he who gives to the poor lends to the Lord, and the Lord will pay him back what he has lent, the rich Americans are skilled in utilizing My word so that they may accumulate wealth,

and yes; I also have prospered them, but this crisis has come so that I the Lord God may purge and cleanse the sins and the iniquity of the forefathers that are being practiced in the system of America.

And the Lord went on to say; tell the Americans to look on their one dollar bill, and let them tell Me what they see; is that not a pyramid? and if what they see is a Pyramid, ask them; why do they Exalt the gods of Egypt above My name?

I make them wealthy, I have exalted that nation into becoming the vision or the head of the world, I have given them power to create media information that has ruled and controlled the mindset of the people in the land and the nations world wide, and after all this wealth, prosperity and influence,

these are the same people that are giving their ten percent (tithe) to the gods of Egypt through the counsel of the Freemasons, they have lifted up the throne of Pharaoh above My will for that nation,

that's why I gave them their own president (President Obama) to instruct and lead them into their dark hidden heart desires that are constructed on the foundation of deception and self-righteousness.

And after My Judgment and wroth has completed the mission of revealing unto them their own conspiracy against Me, and after the spirit of repentance has restored the land back unto Me, then I Am going to raise My throne above the evil spirit of Egypt and slavery in that nation.

I will raise up My servants that have the love of Israel in their hearts, and I the Lord will raise them up higher in the realm of influence and leadership, they shall raise up higher than agents of Egypt that eat at the table of Pharaoh.

I will make the counsel of the freemasons and the seat of royalty that has been given unto them by the white house into a cup of My wroth, a red carpet of generational curses, and a garment of iniquity, reproach and shame.

And the conspiracy that is conspired by the seed of Nimrod, Egypt, Japheth and the militant Islamic movement, as they try to go against My nation (Israel) , I the Lord will recompense their own evil upon their own heads, unless they repent and return back unto Me.

By: Apostle A. Ngabo, Posted October 07, 2009