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The word Fantasy means; to build up or to entertain an realistic, erotic or sexual images in the mind.

Through evil fantasy, a brain of a person can take somebody's mind on a trip of creating sensual images and being able to tap into a frequency of ancient evil voices, spirits and images, which has the ability to influence somebody's artistic and visual ability in a negative way.

When a person is not living according to God's image (or imagination; as in Genesis 1:27),

then his or her brain becomes a place where illusionary false images are entertained,

and through these illusionary images that comes from pornography, erotic pictures, violence, evil movies, illusion videos games etc,

the brain of a person begins to be transformed into a mindset that is called fantasy.

The word fantasy or fantasia means;

the state through which the mind of a person is developed into an organism that is able to create fancy pictures, stories, images, designs, poetry, movies, books etc;

that are inspired by supernatural events which takes place in the spiritual realm, where negative energies and evil spirits releases frequencies of evil images into people's brains.

Through fantasy the mental state of a person's brain begins to conceive evil dreams, visions,

hallucinations and illusions, which are transformed into books, movies manuscripts, art, music, video games with evil content,

and through the physical talents of evil movie producers and makers, clothe designers, erotic producers, evil story writers,

these products with pictures and images of evil content or fantasy, are then distributed into people's lives, and homes via something that is called entertainment or media.

Fantasy vs God's vision:

Evil fantasy is the counterfiet of God's revealation or vision,

Through open visions, God people in the bible were visited by ancient biblical figures (prophets, saints and leaders) and through these same visions,

they were able recieve prophetic instructions,

In the book of Matthew 17:1-5 a spiritual presence (glory of God) transfigured the apearance of Yeshua (Jesus Christ), and Moses and Elijah apeared up In Jesus' prayers,

and it seemed as if the disciples were seeing a vision with their eyes open, and through this same vision, another voice spoken audibly unto to the disciples.

Today this vision has also become a written witness in form of written litreture, art, and movies.

advice and revealation insight or wisdom corcerning their lives and the future.

The whole entire book of revealation is based on the visions that contained audible voices which were unveiled unto Apostle John.

By Apostle A Ngabo








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