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What is the meaning of the word paranoia?

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What is the meaning of the word paranoia?

The word paranoia means; the mental disorder which is characterized by an organized system of delusions and the projection of personal conflicts which takes place in the brain.

Paranoia is the state in which multiple images, dreams, night mares, evil sounds and propagated frequencies which cannot be regulated by the brain, begins to affect the brain in a negative way.

The paranoia conflicts which takes place in a person's brain, are scribed to the supposed hostility and enmity of others, which leads to the disturbance of someone's consciousness, thus making the person who is paranoia to become aggressive, hateful, willing to take revenge and acting in violence towards others as a performance of self defense.

Paranoia is a mental state where someone suspects the motives and the intentions of others to be a conspiracy against his life.

Most of the information which controls the mindset of a person that is paranoia is based on the propagated images and frequencies, (negative sounds, evil pictures, evil voices, evil dreams and night mares) that contains a message of conspiracy against someone.

The purpose of the propagated frequencies:

The brain of a person who is suffering from paranoia is influenced by propagated frequencies, which are designed to isolate that person's life from the fellowship and relationships that can benefit that person's life in a positive way.

What causes paranoia?

Paranoia (mental disorder) is caused by the consumption of foods that contain toxin or toxic in them, the entertainment of pornographic movies, masturbation, listening to music with vulgar lyrics, curse words and lyrics of violence, participation in witchcraft, black magic, sorcery and dependence on the prescription of different medications.

all these activities can become channels where images, sounds and frequencies of paranoia infiltrate the human brain.

The mental disorder called Paranoia can also be transmitted through the act of fornication, sexual immorality and adultery.

The Paranoia mental sickness can be passed down from the grandparents into someone's life through DNA and blood line.

For example; there are many pagan cultures in Africa, Europe, Asia, South America, North America and many other parts of the world, which practices the worship of many spirits, many gods, cultism, and witchcraft in their traditions.

One of the evil methods that are used to torment and punish the people who are not fully honoring the pagan traditions or rituals of their fore parents is called "paranoia".

Paranoia is used by the freemasons, witches, sorcerers and the illuminates to torment and punish those people who are refusing to respect and live by the evil rituals of their evil system. so that; when the person becomes paranoia, nobody will take time to understand and listen to that person, because he will be considered to be a mad person (a person who has lost his mind or a person who belongs to the mental hospital).

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By: Apostle A. Ngabo.