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The month of January & the god janus.

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The month of January and the god janus;

The month of January was a month that was dedicated to the small god of the roman empire called Janus.

This was a small god that had two faces, facing in the opposite directions.

He was worshipped in honour of his authority over doors and gates (the god of doors and gates)

Christmas that is held on the 25th of December and the 1st of January that begins the new year on the Gregorian calendar, is the time when ,men stirs up the evil works of this so called god.

In this season from the 25th of December to the 1st of January, is used as time when people on the earth give their sacrifices so that the god of Janus may open up the door and gates to give power to the witches on the earth to cast out spells, to bewitch and to enchant peoples lives with evil curses.

(look at the rate of divorce, murder, accidents, suicide, acts of sexual immorality and debts that people get themselves into in this time of the year).

Even when you enquire from the police records, they will tell you that this is the time when evil climaxes to it's highest level.

From the month of January 2008 the Lord said to us that many people are going to be attacked by severe headache pains (migraine) that doctors can't heal.

Some will loose their minds (forgetting God's promises, becoming overwhelmed by the spirits of discouragement and depression, being overcome by evil dreams of sexual immorality and committing suicide).

He also said unto me that many people are going to face many attacks against their heads, because the head is the place where dreams, thoughts, memories and ideas takes place in peoples lives,

so the enemy (satan and his agents, witches) are after people's heads, so that they may totally erase God out of the minds of the peoples

But then the Holy Spirit comforted me when He said unto me; “fear not My son, for those who are in total agreement and obedient to My word and voice, I the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will protect them in this hour of darkness.

Tell My people to read (to recite, to prophecy, to speak and pray out loud) Psalm 91:1-16 and Psalm 63:1-6, it is a prescription from the Lord that you must read over your life every day, for your protection from evil demonic flies.

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By: Apostle A Ngabo.