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The meaning of the cross (Passover)


In the old testament they sprinkled blood of the sin offering all around the altar and in all the four corners of the bronzen altar that was in the court of the tabernacle according to Leviticus 3:12-13,

so that the sins of the victim, who brought the sacrifice may be atoned and cleansed by the sprinkling of blood.

But also in the New Testament, Jesus Christ, our Lord, sprinkled His blood in the four corners of the cross on that day of His crucifixion (Passover).

They put a crown of thorns on His head, and as the thorns pushed through His skin, this caused the bleeding. They nailed His left hand and His right hand to the cross,

and they also nailed His feet to the cross. these four significant areas of His body were made to bleed,

so that the four corners of the cross, also being the four corners of the world, may be sprinkled with the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ,

who became the Lamb that was slain for all the nations.

The earth is made up of four corners, liken unto the symbol of the cross, and Jesus Christ, our Lord, died on that same cross,

so that these four things may be restored, redeemed, renewed and revived back into your life.

*The 1st thing that He came to restore is your vision being your mind according to Hebrews 8:10 & Romans 12:2.

*The 2nd thing is your peace being your feet according to Ephesians 6:15.


*The 3rd thing is your provision (riches & honour) which is in the Lord's right hand according to Proverbs 3:16.

*The 4th thing is your divine health which is in The Lord's left hand according to Proverbs 3:13-16.

In Genesis 2:10-14 says that; this garden in Eden (the garden in God's presence) contained these four elements of life,

also being the four riverheads of life, and God's plan before the fall of man,

was that you and I may live to enjoy the fullness of these four elements of life.

God bless!!!

By Apostle A Ngabo


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