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Prayer is relationship

When we come in prayer to God, we enter into a place of spiritual intimacy, where we desire to connect or relate ourselves to God's feelings, emotions, desires and will.

Most of the people are going around with unanswered prayers because they have not learnt how to submit and yield their souls in prayer.

You have got to remember that prayer is a spiritual technique that exposes the most humblest part of a man's soul to God's feelings, emotions, desires and will (that is why we pray covering ourselves under the prayer shawl, as a spiritual symbol of humility towards God).

Prayer is a time of spiritual intimacy that enables God to transmit His own feelings, emotions, desires and will into somebody's soul.

When a soul of a man is totally submitted to God (when somebody is not manipulating God through prayer, so that he or she may get his own selfish desires met) this also allows God to become totally open (to reveal His purpose and will for the nations) towards this person,

and He also uses the same person to conceive and give birth to His feelings, emotions, desires and will into other peoples lives.

In other words; this prayer warrior becomes a bride to God (a person dedicated and set a part for God's will on earth, a bride that is totally overwhelmed and conquered by the desire to do the will of her husband,

a bride that is willing to give up everything that gives her physical pleasure, so that she may join her emotions and feelings to the things that gives pleasure to her bridegroom).

Prayer is a spiritual relationship between man and God that develops into a physical manifestation of God's existence on earth,

prayer is the power that draws God from the spiritual realm and brings Him into the physical realm to initiate, to demonstrate, to activate and to manifest Himself through His own creation (God's revelations and knowledge becomes one with His creation through the prayers of His holy saints).

By Apostle Ngabo



















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