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The meaning of number 9.

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The meaning of number nine:

Number nine: to activate or to stir up the warrior image from in within someone's inner ability, to reach the stage of birth pangs or labour pains, the state where the human body engages its energies into the act of fighting, pushing and using force,

so that the hidden image, attributes and desires of that person's nature may become revealed and exposed,

(It takes a period of nine months for the sperm of a man which was imparted into a woman's womb or ovum during the act of sexual intercourse, to fully develop into a baby, and also the ninth month becomes the time of giving birth).

Number nine is also the number of bringing to surface or giving birth to the energies which are concealed or hidden in a person's character, for example;

If a person's natural habits are governed by evil or negative energies, teachings, opinions, motives, entertainment and ideas then his or her evil character of behaving in a violent way and the evil nature of hatred towards other will be revealed and exposed through the number nine, ( ninth month on the Hebrew calendar).

but if a person's life style is governed by godly instructions and commandments, then number nine (ninth month on the Hebrew calendar), will become the number through which the attributes of righteousness, passion for God, the willingness to raise up and fight for one's legal rights in God will be revealed.

Number nine is the natural state of war, determination, force and commitment.

Number nine means; putting together the attributes of anger, revenge, jealousy, envy, hatred, terror, fear, prejudice, discrimination, Anti shemitism, racism and rebellion towards God, which are concealed in a person, a  nation or a social group of people, so that you may transform them into an action of war or violence,

But on the other hand number nine can also become the uniting together of the godly attributes of faith in God, love of God, passion for God's will, and the keeping of God's commandments which are concealed in a person's character, social group or nation,

so that you may transform them into a movement or a courageous act which is willing to defend and stand up for the sake of promoting, keeping and revealing God's moral behaviours in a time of opposition.

Number nine stands for the celebration of Chanukah on God's calendar, but on the Gregorian calendar number nine stands for the celebration of Christmas..

By: Apostle A. Ngabo.