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The meaning of number 7.

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Number seven means; completion, prosperity, fullness, blessed, sanctified or rest, this same number also means; Royalty, kingship, woman, Eden, womb or heaven, being the highest realm of heavenly pleasure or delight on the earth.

God put Adam in the Garden that was located in God's number seven (Eden) as in Genesis 2:8-24,

which contained a heavenly presence with a godly environment that could make all things like; trees, animals, wealth, oxygen etc grow and increase in quantity, quality, number and value.

Number seven is the number where the heavenly presence of godly attributes becomes one with the earthly nature.

In this number seven God blessed, sanctified and in it He rested from all His work as in Genesis 2:3 .

In the number seven God brought down the Jericho walls that were hindering His people from possessing the promise land that God had given unto to Israel by revelation, as in Joshua 6:1-5 .

In this number seven (seventh month) on God's calendar, God cancels all debts and methods of the evil systems that are resisting His people from serving Him as they should (Leviticus 25:8-10 ).

Number seven is the number of entering into God's heavenly atmosphere or inheritance via the physical attributes of God's will or commandments.

By: Apostle A. Ngabo.