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Who is my soul mate?

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Who is my soul mate?

A soul mate is a phrase that is used to describe two people, (a woman and a man)

who were created by God and ordained by His will to be a husband and wife.

When a divine connection which relates two souls in heaven fulfils it's physical task of uniting those two souls,

(a man and a woman reaching the physical state of deciding to become husband and wife) through a bond of a marriage covenant.

Then that physical act of getting married is called "soul-mate".Two souls meeting or uniting their strength through the covenant of marriage, so that they may fulfil their divine and godly commission on the earth.

The word soul derives from the Hebrew word called "Nashimah" which means; "God's breath".

Genesis 2:7 says: God formed the human body of the man out of the dust of the ground, and He breathed the breath (nashimah) of life into the nostril of the man, and the man became a living soul.

The word "mate" means to bring together, to join, to match two together, to relate two people together via the act of sexual intercourse, or to fit together.

Genesis2:24: says therefore a man shall leave his father and mother, (leave his natural identity) and be joined to his wife and they shall become one flesh, (soul mates).

The ultimate purpose of why two souls bind together as soul-mates:

Consequently, each spouse may only reach his or her spiritual fulfilment and perfection by means of their union, (marriage, two souls mates; a husband and wife united together through the covenant of marriage).

when the lives of two married souls are conducted with purity, (Living according to God's laws which governs marriage), then these two people who are joined as one in marriage,

can be able to excel their natural boundaries which governs and controls their natural events, circumstances, bad fortunes, weather, fear, diseases, famine, ancestral curses which derives from their father's and mother' house etc...

thus; enabling these two souls, (soul mates) to be able to use their spiritual identity as a channel which brings the advancement, civilization and the development that elevates and transforms the physical earth into God's dwelling place.

How do I find my soul mate?

Life on the earth a is physical journey though whence the human soul confronts physical hindrances, (natural events) and obstacles that may try to hinder one's soul from finding his/her soul-mate, but through spiritual intervention,

and one's obedience towards spiritual instructions and fulfilment of God's commandments, the soul of a person is able to come into physical contact and relationship with its soul mate.

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By: Apostle A. Ngabo.