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What is dating?

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What is dating?

The word "dating" Means; to investigate or to do a research on somebody, (by verbal communication,

by meeting and discussing the inner motives which motivates ones vision and purpose in life.

Through dating people are able to share opinions and point of views together with the person that one intends to marry.

Dating is to listen to someone's voice, opinions, heart desires, motives,

and dreams, for the sake of finding out if he or she is the soul that was created to be your spouse in marriage.

A person with whom one has such a social appointment or engagement, an appointment in time which can lead someone's life into the discovery of his purpose in life or soul mate.

But on the other hand; dating can also become the occasion through which ones life is misled from the path of his purpose in life.

How do I avoid being misled through dating?

No body goes shopping with out knowing what he or she wants to buy, in simple terms this means; do not ever let your decisions be determined by the outer appearance of a woman's or man's beauty.

Dating is a process through which a person can be able to find out if a woman's or a man's desires, motives, purpose in life are in agreement with the vision, (God's will) which governs ones destiny.

You can avoid being misled through dating by putting your motives right before dating; first ask yourself what is the reason for my dating?

Am I dating because am looking for someone to flirt with, am i dating because am trying to find a one night stand or am I dating because of the sexual lust and sexual fantasies which are over whelming my mindset?

And if those are the reason why you are dating, then you are going to be misled.

But if your are dating to fulfill the will of God over your life, then the will of God will guide you into your decision of finding your soul mate (spouse in marriage).

Genesis 2:24 says: the man shall leave his father and mother and be joined wife, and they shall become one flesh (married or soul mate).

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By: Apostle A. Ngabo.