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Things and places to avoid when you are dating.

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Things and places to avoid when you are dating.

Before you date someone, remember to do your home work first, so that you may have guidelines that will enable you to hold fast to the integrity of your dignity and also preserve the spiritual value and physical status of your purpose of dating.

Ask yourself: Why am I dating?

Do not forget that you are dating for the sake of finding a spouse for marriage, and not a one night stand.

Do not open up yourself (expose your nakedness, give out the machandise or have sex) with a person before he or she reveals his commitment to the value and the decisions of your dating.

You are dating to find a spouse for marriage, and not to have sex before marriage or a one night stand.

stay away from things and places which can or will stimulate intimacy.

Do not put yourself in a risk zone where you will begin to entertain emotions of sexual pleasure while you are dating, because many people always fall for the outer appearance of someone's physical nature, and they forget to take time to investigate the inner beauty of their nature.

One woman once said; "he told me that he loved me and he had also promised to marry me, but after having sex on our first day of dating, he decided to dump me like a piece of trash".

It is not good to go to the cinema or the movies while you are dating, because then you are creating an atmosphere of intimacy (stimulating sexual fantasies and desires),

which will lead to a strong an controllable desire of wanting to have sex. And again let us rehearse your purpose of dating: "you are dating because you want to find out if or she is the right person or soul mate for your marriage".

When you value yourself also the person you are dating will value your relationship.

As you are dating do not expose yourself to alcohol or any strong drinks which has the ability to affect your judgement.

Because alcohol is a substance that can make someone open up his or her emotions for sexual desire, sexual lust and fantasies which he or she cannot control.

Also being in a place where you are completely alone with the person you are dating is not advisable. for example; being alone in each other's home is not good.

When you are dating  try to go to public places like restaurants, parks and places where you know you are able to communicate, share ideas, exchange thoughts, learn to know each other's motives, goals, and purpose in life.

Do not put yourself in a position where the stimulation of sexual fantasies will become the centre or the purpose of your dating.

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By: Apostle A. Ngabo.