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Knowing the purpose of sex before dating.

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Knowing the purpose of sex before dating.

Sex was created by God for the sake of using the physical natural human abilities, abilities like; energies, genetics, genes, DNA, characteristics and habits, so that the woman and man may be able to extend, to develop, to teach, to civilize, to multiply and to produce new living organisms into the earth.

Through the act of sexual intercourse, babies can be brought into existence, but also sex is the process through which evil energies, demonic forces,

And the perversion or the corrupting evil energies, which has the ability to corrupt nature, can be put into force or existence if the act of sex is not practiced in within the parameters of a holy marriage.

Sex was a holy act which symbolized the joining of two people into marriage.

The word sex simply means; the physical act which unites the spiritual and physical energies of a married husband and wife, so that they may put a moral structure, multiply, develop, teach, and produce more organisms in the earth.

(Good energies which influence the human behavior into the act of moral or godly behavior are also produced through the act of sexual intercourse that takes place between a married husband and wife).

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By: Apostle A. Ngabo.