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The meaning of the word Trade.

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The meaning of the word Trade.

Trade is the voluntary exchange of goods , gifts, talents and services,

a process through which exchanging of gifts talents and service takes place among people,

as a sign of acknowledgement and honouring of each other's strength.

The very first trading among human beings in history was considered as a form of communication,

through trading people were able to draw closer to each, solve each other's needs, and problems, and also be able to create a bond of relationship which enabled the participants to overcome their weaknesses.

Genesis 14:18-20 says: Abraham gave or traded his tithe to Melchezedek, and in return Melchzedk pronounced a blessing over him, and He also gave Him bread and wine (Holy Communion).

Genesis 29:15-21 ...says; Jacob exchanged is service, talent and strength to Laban, and in return Laban gave him his daughter as his wife.

Genesis 2:22 says: that Adam traded his white rib to God, and in return God gave Him a wife.

Barter trade was exercised before money came into power:

Barter trade is: medium in which goods or services are directly exchanged for other goods or services without a common unit of exchange (without the use of money).

A person with a gift or talent of making coats out of the animal skins, was able to communicate his gift (skin coats) into the lives of those that needed his coats,

through the mechanism of finding something that he himself needed from the people that wants his coats, he was able to exchange his animal skin coats with what they had to offer unto him.

For example: if someone had a chicken that lays eggs, he could take a number of eggs and exchange them with the skin coat that he needed,

(the number of eggs was always the value that was given according to the negotiating terms that the coat owner, and the person that posses the eggs had negotiated).

Through trading in this way, people began to relate more to each other and also be able to minister to each other's needs.

When money was invented:

When currency (money was invented) by the ancient kings, bartering trade began to lose its strength, and instead the stock market, the merchants that makes currency began to control the trading system of exchanging commodities,

though the exchange of currency for goods, the kings money (tax) became the legal authority that gave the people the right to be able to exchange their gifts or goods.

From the time of history until the present time when the discovery of internet emerged, this is when we are seeing the revival or restoration of the system of barter exchange among people,

small companies, people with good ideas that are not supported by the rich investors, and those who have something to offer to others are sharing their gifts with those coming from the different parts of the world through the internet.

Slave trade,

By: Apostle A. Ngabo.