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The deeper meaning of the word "stock".

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The deeper meaning of the word "stock".

The word stock means ownership or shares of a corporation.

For example; there is something that is called franchise in business, and franchise simply means that; when someone comes up with an idea to start a company, an organisation or a restaurant,

(that idea or that structure of the company, energies of his employees that will be used to run the company, the inspiration which will help the owner of the company to develop his vision, the success of the company etc... ),

is a franchise or a stock which belongs to an individual investor.

Every idea that has the ability to create wealth or money is a stock.

In the mechanism of business where stock is concerned, every design (franchises) of every big corporation, company, organisation, government and even small businesses, big and minor ideas,

all these different types of designs are categorized as "stocks" which are traded and owned by the rich investors who have bought them from the stock market.

Ideas are stocks on the stock market;

and before an idea develops into a normal functioning  system (company,organisation, government or business) which is able to create money, wealth and riches,

that company must first play the monopoly of the stock market or pay the tribute to stock market investor that owns it.

in simple terms the word "stock" means; ownership, to own the value, the numbers, the producing abilities or talents, and the energies of a thing or a person,

so that the existence of that thing or person may bring in profit (financial increase) into the stock market or the account of the investor who owns it.

Ideas transformed into "stocks", how can an idea become a stock?...

By: Apostle A. Ngabo.