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What is the purpose of the stock market?

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What is the purpose of the stock market?

The word stock market stands for; the legal right which enables the stock holders to be able to possess and influence the market of buying and selling, the ability to able to trade and exchange.

This same word stock market also means; the method which is used, so that the goods (merchandise, items, products ) which are sold and bought in the business of trading may be given value, 

numbered and ownership through the astrological divination which governs the science of trading. (everything in the earth including human beings are stocks owned by someone).

The simple meaning of the word "stock":

The word "stock market" is made up of two words, the first word is "stock" which means to invest into the spiritual value of a thing,

so that you may own its energies, existence, producing abilities and its identity for a certain period of time, and in within that period of time that same thing which you own as a "stock" is obligated to give you it's interests, income, and profits of its value.

(a cow is a stock that has the ability to produce milk as a product, electricity is a stock that has the ability to produce current or energy, human beings are stocks that has the ability to do work and also use their talents to make products etc...).

The meaning of the word "market"

And the other word is "market " which means a place where commodities or products are sold and bought into the demanding needs of consumers and customers,

a region in which goods and services are bought, sold, used or exchanged for money, a meeting of people which has gathered for the purpose of buying and selling goods.

The stock market is nothing more than an auction.

Where Individual investors are making decisions with their own money in a real-time auction, an auction where time, ideas which build businesses, and governments, souls, products and energies which do work are traded as stocks.

Every physical thing is a product on the stock market...

By: Apostle A. Ngabo.