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Money offered to God, brings a blessings over the nations.

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The head of the kings and the symbols on the money represents the ancient vision of those kings,

which becomes the vision that controls the economic system of the nation in which that money is being used as a currency of trading.


Money offered to God, brings a blessings over the nation.

As I was receiving an offering of thanks giving from the hands of the woman of God that I had just prayed for;

I noticed something odd, but also prophetic in concept.

As she was handing the offering (money) over in my hands.

The money she was giving as an offering was in Swedish Kronor.

As can you see there is a head of Karl Gustaf XI the king of Sweden on the note.

The spirit of the Lord began to speak to me through that simple act of giving money as an offering into His kingdom or work.

And this is what the Lord said unto me; "Son of man" when people give their offerings and tithing's in the form of money,

even the economic system of that the nation, (being the kings head or vision that is upon that money), also pays its tribute, reverence and respect to the heavenly kingdom of God.

Now; this is my point that I want to bring forth.

When the ancient Kings ruled, according to the ancient pagan spiritual laws of the kings, and their kingdoms.

After the death of a king, that king that died was also promoted into the realm of a deity.

The word deity means; a small god or someone that is worshiped in the form of a god.

For example: In the kingdom of Egypt the kings went by the title of Pharaohs, In the kingdom of Rome or Roman empire, the kings went by the title of Caesars.

In the kingdom of Sweden the kings went by the title of Karl Gustaf, and through their title, the king's authority, vision, desires and image was passed down from one king to another,

(The king's vision still lived in his title, even after his death, and the king that ruled after him was supposed to continue his vision through that same title).

The Image of the king's heads on the money, represents the king's vision, supreme authority and image of a small god, which controls the economic system of buying and trading.

As this woman was giving her offering, the Lord said unto me that; even the vision or god of the kingdom of Sweden, he himself self has also given his tribute, reverence, respect and honour through this act of offering that has been done today.

1 Timothy 6:10 Love of Money is the root of all kinds of evil, (because money is rooted in the evil visions of the ancient kings), but he who has learnt how to give money into God's work, will transform the curse that is upon that nation and himself, into God's blessing.

By Apostle A. Ngabo

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