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Ideas transformed into "stocks", how can an idea become a stock?.

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Ideas transformed into "stocks", how can an idea become a stock?.

If a person (let us call him Paul ) was to come up with an idea to start a company, that idea must go through a process which has been designed by the stock owners or the rich investor who own the stocks of that company.

For example; a person (Paul) has an idea to start a company but he has no money to complete the expenses which are required for foundation and the completion of that idea, so Paul decides to go to the bank to take a loan.

When he gets to the bank he begins describe the vision of his business and the reason why he wants to barrow the money, after the bank had finished listening to the structure of his idea,

then the bank decides to finance or to give him a loan. now; that loan which is given to Paul is a an investment which comes from the stock owner who owns that idea or company.

Bank loans invested into ideas which are in a process of becoming a business or products on the stock market.

Stock owners buys stocks on the stock market and they also invest their money into those stocks, so that the stocks may bring a profit or interest back into their business.

(different loans barrowed to the people by the bank are investments which comes from the stock owners or investors, school loans, business loans, mortgage).

The investors who buy company ideas from the stock market, invest their money into those ideas through the bank (loans are given by the bank to finance and help people who have ideas of wanting to start a business, company go to school etc).

Now as Paul's a business is successfully making progress, Paul is also paying a certain fee (interest) back to the bank (stock owner who finances his dream).

When Paul finally manages to become a very good and successful business man through the monopoly of playing the game of the stock market, honouring the principles of the stock market via the process of paying off of the loan and interests of his business,

He also becomes an investor, he begins to buy stocks, mixing and relating with other business men that are stock owners, and step by step Paul becomes a stock owner that invests in political issues and ideas.

There are stock owners who owns the designed structure of a government, and such stock owners, even presidents themselves are obligated to pay interests into their stock business.

Today such stock owners who owns the government franchises are called "freemasons".

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By: Apostle A. Ngabo.