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Every physical thing is a product on the stock market.

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Every physical thing is a product on the stock market.

In the science of economics and trading every physical thing (energies, plants, animals, lands, products, electrical magnetic fields and human beings), are possessions which belongs to the stock market, even time is stock on the stock market.

And via the activities of business transactions and trading which takes place in within the stock market, these items (energies, plants, animals, lands, products, companies,

businesses, organisations, government structures, communities and human beings), are traded and exchanged as "stocks" into the lives of the investors that invest in them.

Before products are sold in the market, shops, malls and before people are able to function as a society which follows a certain kind of system,

there is a stock owner or holder that receives the reward, profit and interest from the things that are sold and bought,

and also this stock ownership goes as far as owning the activities and the people that functions in within the parameters of his or her stock.

What is stock, and how does it work?

The word stock in its simple terms means or refers to goods which is to be sold to customers, but also this word stock means inventory.

The word inventory stands for  a complete listing of merchandise or stock on hand, work in progress, raw materials, finished goods on hand, tally or counting of one's personality traits, energies, aptitudes, talents, and skills, a catalog of natural resources.

For example; if a stock owner owns a slave as his stock, that slave contains the ability to work (the energies of his strength, ability to think, the time when that slave is a wake, working or sleeping,

and the status for the slave, in case if that slave has a qualification of a lawyer, doctor or farmer) the entire being of that slave belongs to the stock owner.

And "stock" sometimes refers to the ability of a thing, the value and the time, because some stock may not have value at the present time,

but in a process of time that stock can raise in strength, value and ...or this same stock may drop or fall in value..

The deeper meaning of the word "stock"...

By: Apostle A. Ngabo.