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Creating an interest for the products before they are sold national or internationally.

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Creating an interest for the products before they are sold national or internationally:

In the business of commercial, he who is advertising a product must be able to convince, to entice, to manipulate, and to create a need for the product that he is advertising.

People buy all different types products, but yet their desire to buy or posses certain kind of items that are sold in malls, shops and markets is also a well organised system of advertisement that creates the need for these products.

For example; there are four different seasons in a year (summer, winter, autumn, and spring) but each season raises up new desires and new ideas of wanting to possess material things that will suit the season.

In the season of winter, the commercial companies work hard on promoting products that will spiritually influence people's mindset and desires, so that the people may begin to lust for things, (material stuff) and foods that are connected to the pagan worship of Christmas.

Through the manipulation and the creation of commercial, the Commercial designers use a lot of spiritual ideas, and they also invest their money in the consulting of diviners, sorcerers and astrologers, so that they may be able to posses spiritual influence and powers over the people's souls.

The making of an advertisement.

When an advertisement is made, made by one of the great companies (stock owners) that are in commercial business (the advertising of Christmas products, coca cola, movies containing witchcraft, violence, pornography, soap opera with immoral behaviours, big brother TV show etc).

All these commercial that promotes such immoral movies and products, contain spiritual influence, subliminal messages that are designed to capture people's desires and interests.

After the desires of the people have been created through commercial pictures, images, literature, sound, media, music, movies, radio, TV, news papers, internet etc,

Then the produced products (material things)owned by bankers, investors, and rich men, begin to flood the stores, shops, malls, and markets, so that the hunger or lust that was created by their commercials among the people may be fed.

Did you know that the maintained life style that the people live on the earth; is determined or structured by the product producers (rich business people) who sell the things that they buy?

People buy new clothes, new cars, own material things which are bought on finance, imitate immoral standards of role models that they see on TV, movies, listen to through music; but yet; all these products find their way into people's lives through the power of commercial.

By Apostle A. Ngabo

Finance,