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Meat mixed with cow and pig blood is being sold


The EU food industry has finally approved and said yes to the selling of meat glue to its consumers on the European market.

"Meat glue" is the enzyme that can be used for sticking or putting together the different pieces of meat, and with the help of a substance called thrombin,

which is a mixture of animal blood from a cow or pig, is used as these meat pieces from the different parts of the animal's body are put together to make or build a larger and more expensive-looking chunk of meat.

On the 8th of February of the year 2010, the European Union food industry will begin to distributes chunks of meat from cow or pig meat that have been glued together using the mixture of cow blood and pig blood to it consumers.

Talk about deception:

Through the use of thrombin the consumers or meat buyers will be totally convinced that they are buying one whole piece of meat, but not knowing that; that expensive chunk of meat that looks bloody and real to the eyes,

is just one chunk of small leftovers of meat, that have been glued together using "meat glue-thrombin" (mixture of pig blood and cow blood).

In the year 2005 the Lord God spoke to us to stop buying meat that is sold in the markets or served in restaurants, because most of the meat that is sold out there is an health and defiled.

Animals that die on their own, animals like pigs, cows, goats, chicken, etc that are affected by incurable plagues or sicknesses, are all slaughtered and sold in the market as meat to the consumers.

Now; different pieces of meat that are leftovers are being glued together using cow and pig blood.

Another deception is the “shrimp noodles,” which, as the name states, are noodles made of shrimp meat.

They were created using transglutaminase, or meat glue , as it's known in wd-50's kitchen, a substance that binds different proteins together and is more familiarly used in mass-produced foods like chicken nuggets.

What is next?

Do not be surprised, because the meat that is sold out on the market today, could be a mixture of everything, cow meat, pig meat, dog meat; you name it!

By Apostle Ngabo
















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