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What is the meaning of the word entertainment?

Entertainment is something that amuses, excites or brings physical pleasure to somebody's mindset or imagination. Every thing that gives physical pleasure to the body is entertainment (food can also become one of those things).

An entertainment is something that has the ability to prepare someone's emotions into the realm of accepting new habits and ways of doing things,

which can be introduced into someone's life through pictures, theatre, drama, movies, TV shows, literature, radio programmes, acts, signs, symbols, subliminal messages, expressions, mediums, internet websites, and words that can amuse, excite, or impress someone's mindset (or ability to imagine or fantasize).

Entertainment used as a method of transforming the people's way of thinking:

Entertainment is a method that is used by most of the production companies that produces new technology discoveries, and the scientific ideas which structures our societies,

but also the moral and immoral laws that are enforced upon the citizens of a nation by their government, these laws are also introduced and manipulated into people’s lives through entertainment.

As the people are being amused, excited, impressed through entertainment by those who rule over them (product producers, politicians, loan lenders, movie makers, etc), begin to implement new ideas, ways of thinking and doing things into their lives.

Entertainment in the ancient days during the time of the Roman Empire:

The biggest part of the Roman colonization was influenced and brought into the realm of accepting or adapting the Roman's way of living through entertainment.

The Romans used to organise gladiator acts of wrestling, theatres plays, and lavish product selling of the Roman art, statues and literature which was used as a trick of seducing the cultures that they had colonized into the state of accepting the Roman pagan culture and life style....

Entertainment can become an influence that influences people to become godly or evil (ungodly), depending on what type of entertainment they are entertaining.

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