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Your willingness to learn and submit will bring you into God's promises.

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Your willingness to learn and submit will bring you into God's promises.

Before God brings you into His great promises that He has promised to you,

He must first take you through the season of cultivating a strong desire, and willingness to humble yourself and learn from Him,

I call it a season of becoming like a child full of un answered questions, a child that is not ashamed neither arrogant to ask; Daddy (Abba father) what is this?

When the children of Israel reached in the wilderness, God began to feed them with manna for 40 years until they came out of the wilderness into the Promised Land that He had promised them.

The Hebrew word manna means; what is this?

Every day for 40 years, God sustained their physical body and spiritual life on this heavenly bread called manna (what is this?).

In the wilderness they leant how to cultivate a spirit of humbleness and a character that is willing to submit, trust, and receive their teachings from Moses their prophet who was carrying the vision for their destine that pertained to their promise land.

Every body that adjusted his life style by receiving his daily food called manna, with a willing heart, that same person also entered the Promised Land, but those that rebelled against Moses' teachings never entered their promised land.

We are in a spiritual season where God is demanding every believer's character to be cultivated into an attitude and a character that is willing to submit and honor God's presence in that place where you receive your daily manna from.

Romans 10: 17 says;…..Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God, there must be a place where you hear God's word from, and encourage your faith in the Lord.

John 6:63 says; the words that I speak to you are spirit ( DNA ) and they are life (living cells).

There must definitely be spiritual leaders that feed your soul with spiritual food that brings spiritual and physical prosperity into your life.

By Apostle A. Ngabo

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