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The meaning of the word "Education".

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The meaning of the word "Education".

The word "education" means; to develop the faculties, character and powers of (a person) by teaching, instruction, or schooling, to transform, to cultivate someone's inner abilities into physical talents,

to develop or to train one's ability to hear, to smell, to taste, to feel and to see, using the practical methods of educating the mind.

This same word education also means: to inform or to put ideas which are in one's mind into physical forms.

The spiritual meaning of the word; Education:

Genesis 1:27 says; God created man in His image and in the image of God, God created them both female and male...

The word image derives from the word called "Imagination or to Imagine".

The brain of a human being was created with the ability which enables it to attract, to capture and to receive images informs of sounds waves, ideas, thoughts, frequencies, pictures, subliminal messages etc.

After the mind has finished capturing these images via the method of Education, then these same images can be transformed, manipulated and moulded (formed) into patterns of thinking, imagining, ways of doing things, fantasizing and mindset.

The art of education is divided up into two parts; the theory and the practical.


There is a theory part of education which consists of oral story readings, prophecy or prophesying, chanting also called; the method of using the power of speech, so that you may plant ideas, images, sound waves, symbols and subliminal messages in one's mind.


The other part of education consists of the practical art of education.
where the ideas, images, symbols which were planted into someone's mind are formed into patterns of a mindset, thoughts and ideologies which makes up one's physical actions or character. 

A television program/movies can educate someone's mind through entertainment.

By: The house of the prophets.

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