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Evil dreams and unwanted nightmares

In this season of Passover a lot of people are being attacked by evil dreams; seeing them selves being chased by evil people,

being forced into doing things that goes against God's will for their lives, falling into dark bottomless pits, being attacked sexually in their dreams;

and when they wake up from their dream, they say to themselves; ah! It was just a dream;

Let me remind you that the things you dream about are the reality of the incident that is about to happen in your life.

If they are bad dreams you must do something physically to cancel them, and if they are good dreams you must also do something physically to claim them, Genesis 46:1-4.

Bad dreams always reveal the things that we fear, and the things that we do not want to happen to us, but also these bad dreams comes to bring signals of warning into people's lives.

Because bad dreams are revealed information that comes to tell you about the environment, company, and evil covenants that are haunting your life,

that could be coming from the people you are related to, your forefathers and ancestral curses that have been past on into your life through the lineage of your history,

but also these bad dreams can become a source of spiritual energy that will create a strong desire in within your life, for you to be able to make a decision of coming out of what is holding you as a slave.

If you are finding it hard to think and dream about good things, then this also means that you need to find a place where God's will for your life is revealed,

and start to give your love and sacrifice (tithe) to God through that place, Because you can not watch a movie at the cinema until you have paid for it:

Evil dreams are pictures coming out of the things that your forefathers have sacrificed into or it could be things that you yourself have entertained through your finances and desires consciously or unconsciously.

By Apostle A Ngabo





















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