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Orpah vs Ruth, (David vs. Goliath)

David, the grandson of Ruth and Goliath, the grandson of Orpah entered into a spiritual warfare, so that they may defend the spiritual foundation of their faith

Orpah in the bible was the woman who could not afford to forsake her own traditions, culture and the worship of the Moabites,

for the sake of her relationship with Naomi the Jewish woman from Israel.

The scripture says unto us in the book of Ruth 1:6-15; that

when time came for Naomi came to return back to Israel, the holy land of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,

coming from the land of the Moabites, Orpah chose to return back to her people.

Ruth 1:14 says; Orpah kissed Naomi a kiss of good bye, and after that she returned to her people (Moabites), and to her gods.

The Jewish writings declares that; Orpah became the great grandmother of Goliath, but Ruth who decided to follow Naomi to the holy land of God,

where Naomi came from, became the great grandmother of king David,

as it is written in Ruth 1:14-22 , and she also became the great, great grandmother of Yeshua Hamashiach (Jesus Christ) as in Matthew 1:5-16.

War broke up between the seed of Orpah and the seed of Ruth:

In the book of 1 Samuel 41-51 these two offspring's, the offspring of Ruth, being David, and the offspring of Orpah, being Goliath came into conflict, and the warfare ended by David killing Goliath.

The son that was given birth through the promise of God (being David), destroyed the son (Goliath), who was given birth through the mother (Orpah) that refused to forsake her own pagan worship of the Moabite culture.

The scripture in 2 Corinthians 10:6 says: ...and being ready to punish all disobedience when your obedience is fulfilled

Proverb 28:4 says: those who forsake the law (God's commandments) praise the wicked, but those who keep God's commandments (law) contend or fights against the wicked.

Our obedience towards God's will or commandments in our lives will contend and overpower the disobedience of immoral behaviours that is devouring our cultures, nations, religions, relatives, communities and societies today.

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