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The death of Michael Jackson caused by the immoral system of the world culture


It wasn't his time yet to die, but what caused his death?

Michael Jackson the King of pop died at the age of 50, the period of his age when he was supposed to begin to enjoy his life achievements, became the period when he had to give up his ghost.

From his early age as a boy Michael Jackson has been an entertainer, his talent of dancing, singing has been able to expose him to the world as the king of pop.

The people loved his music, his voice become one of the most selling item in the music business but it is sad to say that this same voice and talent of his became the curse that destroyed his life.

I really believe that Michael Jackson did not die because it was his time to die, but because of his un tamed, or un controlled charismatic energies of his talent, this is what has brought his life to a sudden stop.

Michael Jackson died with 400 million dollars in debt, according to the doctors records; they say that he died of cardiac arrest (the higher his talent took him, the deeper he sunk into the deceptive evil system that controls the world's immoral behavior and financial flow).

Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest:

Michael Jackson died from a disease called Cardiac arrest; being the abrupt of a complete stop, an act of warfare, or enmity that comes against the blood circulation due to failure of the heart to beat or contract effectively during systole (is the contraction of heart chambers, driving blood out of the chambers.)

Cardiac arrest can also prevent delivery of oxygen to all the parts of body, leading to lack of oxygen supply to the brain, which makes the victim to lose consciousness and to stop normal breathing , although agonal breathing may still occur.

The heart pumps blood that contains oxygen (the air that that helps human life on earth to live, God's breath or presence that gives man life as in Gen 2:7 and John 6:63) and nutrients (nutrients comes from the foods that are recommended for man to eat in the bible which contains protein, organic nutrients like carbohydrates, fats, water, vitamins etc, and these nutrients contributes to the growth and effectiveness of the body cells.

During the attack of Cardiac arrest the heart fails to meet its demand for oxygen and nutrients, which leads to cell death because of oxygen and nutrients starvation.

The higher Michael Jackson came through his talent, the deeper he sunk into the world system that controls and administrates the immoral behavior and the financial income of the human race on the earth. The richer he became the more he dedicated his life into the service of serving the head or the picture which is on the dollar bill.

The more famous he became, the more he had to keep himself awake, and faithful to his talent and funds, to the extent that he began to consume chemicals, drugs, junk foods that corrupted his body system.

When God created man, in within that man he also deposited talents, but these same talents were supposed to depend on the creator and also give glory to the creator who gave them.

The Hebrew word Damim means; blood, but also this same word Damim means money. Everything you deposit your money in most (your money being the income coming from your talent) that same thing that consumes the income of your talent can become the same thing that out drains your blood (your life is in your blood as in Leviticus 17:14).

By Apostle A Ngabo



Michael Jackson did give to charities and him being white was a skin disease called Vitiligo,

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