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The military system-Benjamin-The month of Kislev.

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This month falls in November or December.

The military system is a well trained army force that plays the role of defending it's nation from terrorist attacks and from intruders that may try to attack it's nation and it's citizens.

The military system-Benjamin-The month of Kislev.

The ninth month on the Hebrew calendar (God's calendar), stands for the military system.

Jacob had 12 sons, and Benjamin his last born represents the ninth month on the Hebrew calendar.

In the ninth month called Kislev on the Hebrew calendar or God's calendar is a season when the military character that enables the people on earth to pursue after the purpose of their vision becomes evident in this season.

In the ninth month called Kislev on Gods calendar is a month dedicated to the military system, because when ever this season comes, around the month of November or December,

there is a spiritual environment on the earth that drives humanity into a realm of desiring to do things that gives tribute or honour,

and also be willing to fight for the culture or tradition that governs their genetic code (DNA) or beliefs of their forefather.

A season that introduces war into the nations:

According to historical events, during this season (November or December), being the ninth month on the Hebrew calendar called Kislev, this is the same season when the Greeks were trying to force their pagan worship of their gods upon Israel, and because of this war broke out between the Greeks and the Jewish nation.

During this season (9th month on the Hebrew calendar) in the month of December, a man by the name of Nimrod declared to wage war against every nation that refused to worship him as a god on his birthday that fell on the 25th of December as in Genesis 10:8-10.

On the 7th of December, 1941: Japan attacks America without any declaration of war.

on the 8th of December, 1941: America declares war on Japan, on the 11th of December, year 1941: Germany and Fascist Italy declare war on America.

The beginning of Gaza war On the 18th of December, Hamas declared the end of a six-month ceasefire with Israel , and on 24 December began an intensification of rocket fire towards the country's towns aiming for the destruction of Israel.

A season in which traditional obligations are observed and honored:

In this season most of the different cultures all around the world demand their subjects to show reverence to the traditions of the forefathers, in the ancient history of Rome, the pagan god Saturn was worshiped in the festival called Saturnalia which begins on 17th of December and finishes on the 25th of December.

Christians and the pagans celebrate Christmas in this season, while the Indians are celebrating something that they call their festival of light (Diwali), but this is also the same season when the Jewish nation (Israel) celebrates Chanukah as sign that says;

as the other nations are giving tribute to the gods of their fore fathers during this season,

we as a nation of Israel we shall engage our spiritual strength into the celebration of Chanukah, lighting the Chanukah light as a token of our faithfulness to the God of Israel.

In this ninth month of Kislev that falls around November or December, God blesses the military movement (the strategic methods and training of the army that defends a nation), but also this can become the season when the military system faces its down fall, if the nation in which this system belongs refuses to bless or favor Israel.

This month falls in November or December.

By: Apostle A. Ngabo