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The Communication system-Reuben-The month of Cheshvan.

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This month falls in October or November.

Isaiah 11:19, for the earth will be full of the knowledge of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.


The Communication system.

The 8th month on the Hebrew (God's calendar) stands for the son of Jacob called Reuben, who represents the communication system.

In the field of the technology of communication we have the TV broadcast, the radio broadcast, the telecommunication, and the post office which deals with the letter delivery and exchange.

Through media, news broadcast, TV entertainment, exchanging of letters through the post office, and telephone communication,

there is an exchanging of information (ideas, opinions, desires and a mindset) that is transmitted via these tools of communication.

The communication system is the system that is responsible for the designing and structuring of the mindsets,

The opinions and the ides of their society through media, news broadcast, TV broadcast, and radio broadcast,

which becomes the influence that influences the people's way of interacting, and relating to each other through telecommunication, letter exchanging, fellowship, marriage relationships etc;

and as the people are interacting and relating to each other in their communities, their motives and desires becomes a reflection of ideas and opinions that they entertain or receive from the radio, TV, media, and news.

In the 8th month on the Hebrew calendar (God's calendar), being the month that falls in October or November according to the Gregorian calendar, in this season God blesses the communication system,

this is also the season when the communication system or the experts that design the technology of this system are spiritually impregnated with spiritual insight and knowledge that can help in the developing of this system,

but this can also become the same season when the communication system faces its physical and spiritual set backs or troubles because of excessive promotion of information that goes against God's will.

This month falls in October or November.

By: Apostle A. Ngabo