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The medical system - Issachar - The month of Iyar.

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This month falls in April or May.

The medical system - Issachar - stands for the 2nd month called "Iyar" on God's callendar. This month falls around April or May.

The medical system representing Issachar the son of Jacob

The month of Iyar (which is the 2nd month on the Hebrew calendar) stands for the medical system.

The medical system is the system that is responsible of taking care of the human body, healing of the body, medical treatment and the stretching of its boundaries through the process of giving birth.

Jacob had twelve sons. There are twelve months on the Hebrew calendar, and each month represents the spiritual abilities that are concealed in each of the 12 sons of Jacob.

Issachar was the ninth son of Jacob, Leah was the mother of Issachar as in the book Genesis 30:18. Through this 2nd month called Iyar, which represents Issachar.

God uses this month to spiritually inspire, govern and blesse the medical system, so that the medical discoveries and researches may be able to help, to sustain and to protect the health or welfare of the human body.

This is also the month that connects and restores the human body to the sensitivity of its systematic nature (omer counting) of the kabbalah, being the understanding and the discernment that the sons of Issachar had.

which enabled them to know the times and seasons, to know what Israel ought to do or how Israel (God's people) were supposed to relate their body activities (omer counting) to God's purpose in a given season and times.

Via the process of omer counting which climaxs in this month (of Iyar), divine health and restoration is always bestowed upon those who count the omer as it is written in 1 Chronicles 12:32. read also Leveticus 23 verse 15 and 16.

In this month (2nd month on the hebrew calendar, which falls in the mont of April or May), God blesses the medical system, but also this can become the month when the medical system faces its most challenges which can not be solved by medical resources, if the nation which practices medicine and medical research refuses to honor God's biblical moral standards, or if that nation is promoting Nazi propaganda against the Jewish nation.

This month falls in April or May.

By: Apostle A. Ngabo