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The educational system-Naphtali-The month of Adar.

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This month falls in February or March.

The educational system-Naphtali-The month of Adar.

The educational system is the system that is responsible for the modification of the government schools and the public schools,

through this system schools are structured in away that will be able to educate the people's minds and intellect into an organized uniformed mind set that makes their citizens to become supporters of that vision that their nation carries.

Through the education system people are inspired, motivated, educated, structured in character and thinking, so that they may be able to choose a professional or a carrier that will suit their heart desire or abilities.

Jacob had 12 sons, and each son represented a nation, a month, a tribe, a system and a fruit among the 12 fruits that grew on the tree of life (as in Revelation 22:2, Revelation 22:2, Revelation 21:10-13, Ezekiel 47:12, Revelation 22:14, & Ezekiel 48:31-35).

As you know there are 12 months in a year and 12 systems in the world ( the education system, the economical system, the political system, the agricultural system, the medical system, the entertainment system, the religious system, the military system, the internet or technology system, the communication system, the industrial system, and the spiritual system,)

Yeshua, Jesus Christ our Lord fathered 12 apostles,

The 12 th month called Adar on the Hebrew calendar, God's calendar stands for Naphtali who was the sixth son of Jacob,

Naphtali was then transformed into an apostolic system that can benefit the nations, and in the new testament he became one of the apostles that represented the educational system,

being the spiritual channel through which God transacts His spiritual inspiration revelations, ideas, abilities, and energies that modifies the educational system physically and spiritually.

In this 12 th month called Adar God blesses the educational system, but also this can become the month in which the educational system faces its difficulties if that system insists on promoting educational studies that goes against God's will.

This month falls in February or March.

By: Apostle A. Ngabo