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The economic system-Asher-The month of Shevat.

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This month falls in January or February.

The economic system-Asher-The month of Shevat.

The economical system is the system that is responsible for the modification of the buying and selling, exporting

and importing, business, marketing, production, distribution and consumption of goods and the monitoring of the financial increase and decrease in a nation.

Jacob had 12 sons and each son represents a month on the Hebrew calendar which is God's calendar.

The 11th month called Shevat on the Hebrew calendar is a month that was designed by God to prosper the economic system of the world.

This month of Shevat spiritually represents the eighth son of Jacob called Asher.

When Jesus Yeshua our Lord began his ministries He first had to gather together the 12 disciples that became the 12 Apostles, being the 12 months in a year,

also representing the 12 fruits that grew on the tree of life in the garden of Eden (Revelation 22:2, Revelation 21:10-13, Ezekiel 47:12, Revelation 22:14, & Ezekiel 48:31-35) and each fruit was a system.

As you know: there are 12 systems in the whole world system (The education system, the economic system, the politic system, the agricultural system, the medical system, the entertainment system, the religious system, the military system, the internet system, the communication system, the industrial system and the spiritual system).

and among the 12 apostles of Yeshua Jesus Christ, Judas Iscariot was chosen as the apostle of economics, but after committing suicide he was then replaced by Matthias as in the book of Acts 1:24-26.

The 11 th month on the Hebrew calendar is a month in which God modifies the economic system of the entire world by giving spiritual insights of business ideas, inspirations, revelations, energies and success that is able to prosper the economic system,

but also this can become the same month in which the economic system faces it's most crisis if the people that are in charge of that system intend to focus their love of money (oppressing their clients by putting them in debt and abusing their authority) then this month can also introduce the economic system to its crises.

This month falls in January or February.

By: Apostle A. Ngabo