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The industrial system-Dan-The month of Tevet.

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This month falls in December or January.

Manufactured cars or products are being transported from one nation to another by road, ship or air.

The industrial system-Dan-The month of Tevet.

The industrial system is the system that deals with exporting and importing of manufactured or produced goods, commercial production,

and the exchange of commodities and transportation of goods in big quantities from one nation to another after the producing or manufacturing of these products.

According to God's calendar or the Hebrew calendar, the industrial system stands for the tenth month called Tevet, which falls around the month of December or January

and this tenth month on the Hebrew calendar represents the son of Jacob called Dan.

The Tenth month on the Hebrew calendar is the season when the industrial system (exchanging of commodities)

and the designers or engineers of the industrial system begins to spiritually and scientifically receive inspiration that has the ability to develop the industrial system.

The tenth month on the Hebrew calendar is also the month when the economic prosperity, spiritual favour and wisdom is released over companies , industries, trading, businesses, factories, and Knowledge entrepreneurship.

but this month (Tenth month on God's calendar), can also become the same season when scarcity in economics, lack of ideas that can be able to develop the economical system, and the industrial system can be put into effect,

if the leaders that are responsible for the physical administration and the designing of the industrial system and economics system become greedy and focused on the making of money, rather than helping humanity.

Every Hebrew month on God's calendar was designed with a godly spiritual environment that can elevate and make the earth a better place.

In Genesis 12:3 God says to Abraham;

I Will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who curse you, and in You, all the families of the earth or the world will be blessed,...and because of the spiritual values, biblical writings and moral standards that God gave to the Jewish nation through Abraham,

the tenth month on God's calendar also becomes the spiritual environment through which the industrial system in the nations derives its prosperity and spiritual blessings which comes as a result of their generosity towards the Jewish nation.

This month falls in December or January.

By: Apostle A. Ngabo