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The serpentic god of Egypt called Hadit

The word Satan or Ha-satan in Hebrew means the wicked one, the word wicked means; to twist, to pervert, to change the commandment, to attempt,

to deceive or to influence someone's soul, so that he or she may do something contrary to what God wants him to do.

The Egyptian god called Hadit (his earlier name being Horus), known as the serpent which attempted Eve in Genesis 3:1-5,

In Matthew 4:1, this same sepent, Egyptian god Hadit came to attempt Yeshua, Jesus in the wilderness.

In Revelation 12:9 he is called, the serpent of old-the devil and satan, wh decieves the whole world

the ancient writings and the book of the law calls him the male secrete seed (serpent) coiled about to spring: in my coiling there is joy of evil pleasures,

and he shoots forth venom or poison in the form of corrupted substance called evil sperm, semen, seed or will.

He claims to be "the flame of evil that burns in every heart of evil men and in the core of every star, (music star or movie star in the entertainment industry) as it is written in the book of the law according to Crowley.

Genesis 3:14 calls him the serpent that was cursed by God. In Genesis 3:15 God puts enmity, hatred conflict or warfare between the seed (the descendants) of the woman, and the seed (the descendants) of the serpent, verse 15 says;

And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her Seed; He shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise His heel.

The Egyptian god called Horus, also called the god of war,

represents the ancient serpent, the seed, the sperm, the DNA of venom or poison that carries information of evil and an inheritance of satan's will,

which was inherited by Ham and passed down to Nimrod, Canaanites and Egypt.

This is also the same seed that has and is motivating most of the evil kings, presidents, prime ministers and leaders of the world.

The seed of the mark of the beast, 666, New World Order (NWO).

The difference between the seed of God and the seed of the serpent:

The pyramid text also called the text of utterance or spells contains the eye of Horus, this same eye is used by the freemasons, the illuminati movement and it is also on the great seal of the USA.

Some of the pyramid text was engraved on the bricks that built the pyramids year 2400-2300 before Christ (BC).

In Genesis 9:20-25 we see the nature of this evil character or serpent being adopted and inherited by one of the sons of Noah called Ham,

Genesis 9:25-26 Noah cursed that seed of evil venom or behavior in Ham when he said; Cursed be Canaan (descendants of ham); A servant of servants…

In verse 26 Noah blesses the seed (children or descendants) of Shem when he said; blessed be the Lord the God of Shem, and may Canaan

(the evil seed or descendants of Ham) be his servant, and from these two seeds, the seed of Ham and the seed of Shem there has always been an enmity which goes by the name of anti-Semitism or anti- shemitsm.

From the seed or descendants of Shem, God brought forth Abraham who was the father of Isaac, Isaac being the father of Jacob, Jacob being the father of the 12 tribes, and from the 12 tribes God gave us Moses, the prophets, King David, King Solomon, The Jewish nation called Israel, Jesus Christ and the Bible (new testament and the old testament).

From the seed of Ham, being the descendants of Ham, the serpent's corrupted seed (schemes, devices, ideas, deception, and hatred against God), brought forth Canaan, Mizraim (the Hebrew word mizraim means; Egypt, bondage, witchcraft, evil, debt covenant, slavery or limitations) as in Genesis 10:6

In Genesis 10:6-10 & Genesis 11:1-9 Nimrod the son of Cush, Cush being the son of Ham, was the very first man to build the tower of Babel, a pyramid of global unity, which inspired the pyramid buildings in Egypt and in the Mayan culture.

Through the Canaanite seed and Nimrod's descendants we get the evil culture or customs of witches, sorcerers, mediums, magicians, false prophets, also being the evil system that will introduce the mark of the beast (666) into the world.

By Apostle A Ngabo




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