Rabbinic or Jewish literature about Nimrod’s life

Nimrod was the first hunter he was consequently the first who introduced the eating of meat by man. He was also the first to make war on other peoples.

Nimrod was not wicked in his youth. On the contrary, as a young man he used to sacrifice to God the animals which he caught while hunting .

His great success in hunting was because he wore the coats of skin which God made for Adam and Eve in Genesis 3:21, Also for Adam and his wife the LORD God made tunics of skin, and clothed them.

These coats were handed down from father to son, and thus came into the possession of Noah, who took them with him into the ark, whence they were stolen by Ham.

The latter gave them to his son Cush , who in turn gave them to Nimrod, and when the animals saw the latter clad in them, they crouched before him so that he had no difficulty in catching them.

The people, however, thought that these feats were due to his extraordinary strength, so that they made him their king.

In Genesis 11:1-5 says; now the whole earth had one language and one speech, which was the Hebrew language, and through the leadership of Nimrod they began to build the tower of Babel .

After God had frustrated the plans of Nimrod by casting a spirit of confusion into the global unity of Nimrod's kingdom, many languages, opinions and nations emerged forth, living the building of the tower of Babel an completed as in Genesis 11:1-9 ,

after this incident Nimrod began to use his warrior attributes by haunting, plundering, robbing, destroying, killing and forcing the other races to submit under his vision, he even declared himself to be a god (Sun god).

The word Nimrod means; the one that rebelled, Nimrod became so evil to the extent that he decided to marry his own mother, and he killed his own father, and through his leadership he also used a lot of witchcraft, magic,

the contacting of evil spirits, the sacrificing of human beings to demons, the practicing of divination and he also did a lot of spiritual transmission of curses into others through the power of astrology,

Nimrod also declared himself to be a god, choosing to be referred to as the sun god, because the sun is one of the brightest star from whence the earth draws most of its energies (electrical magnetic field), so Nimrod said;

I am the sun god from whence the whole human race draws its life, and because of his evil behavior God decided to kill him, after his death his wife took over the kingdom of Nimrod, and she also went under the title called queen of heaven (her name was Semiramis, in other pagan cultures she was referred to as Easteroth or Ashtoroth).

The Jewish writings say; that in her dream she saw Nimrod bringing gifts and spoil (stolen goods) coming from the other nations, and he put these gifts under the evergreen tree,

and after this dream she decided to declare this act of putting the gifts under the tree as a custom that should always be done in honor of Nimrod's birthed which falls on the 25 th of December according to the Gregorian calendar.

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