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What do I expect to learn?

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What do I expect to learn?

Our studying materials contain teachings that reveal how biblical prophecies that were prophesied by the prophets in the bible have been and have become the spiritual birth pangs that provoke historical events into manifestation.

In these teachings you will learn how to relate, to understand and to be able to interpret the purpose for your life in the different seasons, times and circumstances that occurs in your life.

God created man with spiritual abilities or senses that can only be activated and developed through learning, and believing in the existence of the spiritual realm that can not be observed by physical eyes or physical abilities.

Genesis 2:7says; And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground (soil that contains scientific elements) and breathed into his nostril (biological body) the breath (the word breath means spirit or Ruach) of life; and man became a living being.

Genesis 2:7 says; Then the Lord God took the man put him in the garden of Eden (a garden that contained scientific elements like oxygen, gravity, moisture, molecules, and seasons (Hebrew calendar with days, months, time, weeks, and years) that can sustain a human body etc), and God put man in that garden to tend and keep it.

In the next dimension of our teachings we also expose the intellect of those who are studying to the reality of God's existence, plan, and hidden revelation in every historical event and scientific developments that takes place in within the earth that we dwell in.

Through our apostolic school of leaders we train leaders in all the different kinds of fields (lawyers, school teachers, scientists, religious leaders, Christians etc), and we also provide spiritual covering to those that are in need of it.

There is a parable that says; if you want to destroy a nation, you must first destroy the teachers that teach the citizens of that nation the divine purpose of their lives, and then you can successfully wipe out that nation from the face of the earth.

Another parable says; if you keep a human soul from the teachings of God's wisdom then you have managed to rise up a person that will eat his own children in the time of hunger (famine).

That's why the apostolic school of leaders is dedicated to educate, to inspire and to encourage leaders that will bring God's creation in to its divine state.

What do I benefit out of studying and doing these courses?

By: Apostle A. Ngabo