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What do I benefit out of studying and doing these courses?

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What do I benefit out of studying and doing these courses?

You see God created every human being with a mind or brain, and your brain is the place where words of instructions, decisions and directions are transformed into signals of communication,

and then from there they are sent to that part of the body that needs to be instructed.

Before you decide to do anything that will provoke change in your life, your brain must be educated, taught, enlightened and informed,

Because if you can see yourself in your mind becoming what God has called you to be, then you can also be able to fulfill what your mind understands.

Through this study test we provide God's people with a simple way that can bring understanding of biblical prophecies,

it also allows them to be able to understand God's will for their life in that present season that they are in.

These courses for the apostolic school of leaders training can be done manually in school classes, but now it has been made available to those who have access to the internet.

Today you can also be part of The apostolic school of leaders and do study courses on the internet.

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By: Apostle A. Ngabo